GUEST POST: The Sex Addict

To celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day (or Singles Awareness Day for some), I’ve got a few guest posts for you. This comes from Elizabeth, an awesome lady with some mad medical skills and some crazy dating stories that could probably rival mine. Enjoy!   Sometimes I feel that the Mindy Project was based on my life. I, too, am a… Read more →

Adam (the One I Went on a Group Date With)

Christian colleges tend to have very strange cultural rituals. One of these rituals was the ZATS. The zero-attachment time spending. To the real world, this is know as going on a “date,” because any less specific of a description would indicate an expectation of marriage. More specifically, ZATS are usually treated like a “blind date.” Especially when the RA of… Read more →

Bob (the One I Worked With)

There was this guy, Bob, who I worked with at the library. He had been there a bit longer than I had, which meant he wasn’t just a normal page, he specifically worked only the reference section where nothing was allowed to be checked out, only perused within the confines of the library. I knew him from school but hadn’t… Read more →