Here is the list of everyone I will be writing about. Links to their individual posts will eventually make it here.


whoSean (the One I Thought Was the One)

whoRyan (the One I Asked to Sadie Hawkins)

whoTanner – part 1 (the One I Loved Too Much)

whoKevin (the One with the Awkward Moments)


whoAndrew (the One Who Was Gay)
Post-College/The Real World
whoSean/Scott (the British Ones I Flirted With)
whoDavid (the One Who Was First)
whoAndrew – part 1 (the One I Didn’t Want to Date)
whoAndrew (the One Who Gave Me Mono)
whoJack (the One I Helped Get a Girlfriend)
whoTanner – part 2 (the One I Loved Too Long)
whoOwen (the One Who Liked My Wig)
whoAnjul (the One Who Wasn’t Meant to Be)
whoAntonio (the Other One Who Was Gay)
whoDylan (the One Who Liked Me)
whoNamdev (the One I Had a Fling With)
whoMax (the One Who Went Too Slow and Too Fast)
whoAndrew – part 2 (the One I Actually Trusted)
whoJoshua (the One Who Wouldn’t Touch Me)
whoJustin (the One I Danced With)
whoSam (the One Who Was a Coward)
whoAndrew – part 3 (the One Who Gave Me Up)
whoMark (the One Who Was Unexpected)
whoAdam (the One Who Was Married)
whoScott (the One I Thought Would Stay)