selfie-med I am a twenty-eight-year-old woman: SoCal native, living in LA, wishing I were in London. I am a costume designer and writer.

This blog is filled with stories about my past almost relationships and my thoughts about dating, gender issues, feminism, etc. I had a boyfriend once for about four months (David: the One Who Was First), but I have been single for the whole rest of my life. I start chronologically with my first big crush: Kristoffer (the One Who Never Left Me) and move through the years. Things start to get a little melodramatic through college and they get really interesting from 2010 onwards.

These stories have a lot more to do with my personal journey than the boys/men themselves. In past 15 years, I have gone from a naive, conservative Christian, good girl to something of a cynical, liberal, agnostic young woman. Some stories are silly, some are embarrassing, some may not make me look good, and some are the most important stories of my life. But they are my stories, and no one else’s.

And just a warning — I’m going to swear. A lot.

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