A Relationship Post-Mortem

October 11th is National Coming Out Day. Four days after my birthday. Two days after I broke up with my boyfriend of 11 months. Longest relationship I ever had. Only the second one that I ever had. One of my Facebook friends posted on Coming Out Day that she was a ‘demisexual,’ which is something I’ve never heard of before.… Read more →

Sean (the One I Thought Was the One)

While Kristoffer was my first big crush, Sean was my first big heartbreak. The highest of highs and the lowest of lows. After my first summer home from college, returning to school in the fall felt more like coming home than home did. I was having a rough time rediscovering what “family” was now that it was severed my parents’… Read more →

Pet Peeves and Revelations

Apologies, dear readers, for my month-ish-long leave of absence. Just as it was starting to get interesting. The next several weeks of posts are the most difficult ones to write because I haven’t felt as passionately about anyone as I did in college. Translating emotion and memory into written word is not the easiest task. Hopefully, you’ll be getting an… Read more →

GUEST POST: Awesome, but Undesirable

To celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day (or Singles Awareness Day for some), I’ve got a few guest posts for you. This one comes from MacKenzie Reed, an excellent musician and writer. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy! My own history of almost is marked by intense romantic encounters with males who quickly and inexplicably disappeared, so any… Read more →